Illegal Immigration
We must secure the border now. The Federal Government has failed to protect the Texas border and has done virtually nothing to curb illegal immigration. This issue has severe fiscal and social consequences across the state. To the degree we are able, Texas must do what’s necessary to secure the border. Important first steps include eliminating magnets like in-state tuition and welfare for illegal immigrants. Texas needs to support the addition of border patrol resources whenever and wherever we can.

Obamacare has failed and is costing the middle-class millions in skyrocketing premiums. The states have become far too dependent on the Federal Government to cover healthcare costs, and Texas is uniquely positioned to make a stand. We should reject Obamacare’s socialist model for healthcare, reject the Fed’s pied-piper approach to funding, reject bribes from Washington, and make our own way. Texas needs a free market approach to healthcare that shows the rest of the country what conservative principles can accomplish when applied to one of our most vexing issues.

Life begins at conception, plain and simple. Any and every protection we can legally extend to the most innocent among us, we should, and I will. Governor Abbott compelled the legislature to address pro-life legislation, after the 85th legislature convened, by calling a special session. However, there is more we can do in the 86th legislature to protect the unborn.

I believe in the sanctity of marriage as a union between one man and one woman. I oppose all attempts by government to recognize same sex couples as domestic partnerships, civil unions, or any legal classification equating to marriage.

Career Politicians
So much of what’s wrong with politics in our state and nation can be traced back to one thing: career politicians. I will support any legislation imposing term limits on the state legislature. Politics was designed to be a temporary job. Limiting their careers will bring fresh energy to a stagnant legislature.

Parents – not bureaucrats or administrators – should be empowered to make the decisions that are best for their children. For too long, the teachers’ unions have conspired with the federal government to shortchange our children by protecting bad teachers and promulgating ridiculous, nonsense standards. I will fight to return education choices to parents first, then to local districts. I also believe in paying our excellent public-school teachers what they’re worth. No one in Austin needs to tell a north Texas parent how to educate their kids, let alone some illegal government agency in Washington.

Property Taxes
Property taxes are a plague on our society and infringement on property rights. As a member of the state legislature, I will work to keep property taxes low, and I will support any reform that returns power to the voters to decide what their local rates should be.

Texas’s favorable business environment has created more jobs in the last ten years than all other states combined. But we can do more, and it all starts with the free market—the greatest force of economic good this world has ever known. We need to make sure the reality of doing business in Texas matches our reputation. We need to roll back regulations. We need to eliminate red tape for our job creators. And yes, we need to eliminate state agencies that stand in the way of job growth. As a small business owner, myself, I will fight to keep Texas a bastion for jobs and economic prosperity by keeping taxes low and eradicating burdensome government regulation.

Anti-Federal Government
The Federal Government’s attempts to legislate our way of life is a violation of our sacred Constitutional rights. Texans are freer and more prosperous without the federal government sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong. The Lone Star State has a history of standing up to Washington and fighting for what’s ours, and I will continue that fight—with vigor—to keep Texas as free and independent from the overreach of the federal government as possible.